Random Acts Of Kindness #kindness16

What if?  Perhaps the most powerful question in science.  What if…..?


What if people did one random act of kindness on one weekend.


Yesterday, I challenged my students to do one random act of kindness this weekend.


The vast majority of my students did not understand a random act of kindness.  I got a lot of ‘what’s in it for me?’ responses.  I had a hard time answering that one.  The best I could do was say, “Doing something nice for someone else when they don’t expect it and you expect nothing in return is impossible to describe.  When you do it, and you feel it, you will understand.”


So, why not challenge EVERYONE?


I hereby challenge all my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, friends I have not met yet and any other sentient being on Earth or orbiting our planet to do one random act of kindness this weekend.


Some of the examples I gave my students include

  • Rake someone’s leaves.
  • Write about ½ dozen or so notes saying “Thank you for working today.” And hand them out to any place you go this weekend. Hand them to cashiers, baggers, gas station attendants, etc.
  • Make a ‘take out meal’ from tomorrow’s feast and give it to a shut in neighbor.
  • Write a note to someone you haven’t talked to in years and share a fond memory. Find their address and mail it!
  • Wash the neighbor’s car.
  • Take some of that left over Halloween candy, put in baggies and pass it out to some kids (with parent’s permission!)
  • Pull the weeds out of the community garden in the neighborhood.
  • Tell the person at the drive up window, “Thank you. You have a nice smile.”


What if, just what if every person that reads this blog did one random act of kindness this weekend?  What if everyone that does a random act challenges just three others to do the same?  What if everyone that does a random act of kindness just posts what they did to inspire others?  What if…….?


Scientists are always trying to quantify experiments.  How do you quantify random acts of kindness?  Hey, here’s an idea!  Let’s us the #kindness16 and #RandomActsOfKindness and post what you did.  That way, others can follow what is being done and get inspired.  Can we cause random acts of kindness to trend?


I hereby challenge you to do #kindness16 and #RandomActsOfKindness by Sunday, November 27, 2016 and spread the word.


Mark Case is a high school science teacher and can be contacted via twitter @sghsscience or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mark.case.14


This is an open permission to share, retweet or repost on any social media this blog.




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