Sharing Passion

It was one of those days that gives you a lift. It gives you a boost to empower you. It gives you the confidence that you are making a difference. It gives you…. well…. hard to explain.
Yea, the professional development cost me some $$. Not a lot, but some. The return on investment was incredible.
I went to present my session and was nervous. Would I have the words? Would it come across well? Would I teach someone? What would happen?
One woman said to me this evening: “You might not have taught us a lot for doing differentiation, but you gave us your story. THAT was what I needed. I need to make my own story now.”
At lunch, Matt Graves asked “What is your teacher super power?” I asked the same thing in my session: “What is your strength?” I got several answers. For some reason, I asked, “What is my strength?” Several people blurted out immediately, “PASSION!!”
I’ve heard that before but that really sunk home tonight. Passion. I may not love WHAT I am teaching, but I love WHO I am teaching. I love those kids.
I hope in some small way, those that were there will be able to make their own story and have the passion to tell it.


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