DENapalooza Raleigh 2015 Location Based Gaming

It was my honor to be part of and present today at the DENapalooza Raleigh on location based gaming.  As promised, I am starting a blog series on this topic.

Location based gaming has been around for decades.  With strong roots in orienteering, modern location based gaming uses GPS satellites to guide players to a location.  Depending upon the game, you may be looking for a container to open and sign a book or use your stamp to ‘log’ you found it.  You may need to take and upload a picture.  You may even need to find clues to submit an answer.

With over 150 currently active location based games, many have applications in the classroom.  A separate GPS unit is not needed for most game because they can be played with a smart phone.

During today’s and next weekend at Columbia, we featured Geocaching, Munzee and Eventzee.  Many teachers are familiar with geocaching so we introduced Munzee and Eventzee.

Munzee is a QR code scavenger hunt.  There are many classroom applications include making a quiz trail, bringing students to historical, educational and cultural locations.  The app is free and can be downloaded on IOS, Google and Windows platforms.  Download the app, create a screen name, then scan this QR code to get started with 50 points and give it a try!

Munzee Rererral Code
Munzee Referral Code. Download the app, sign up, scan the code and give it a try.

Eventzee is a photo scavenger hunt.  We introduce the app today.  We will do a full review of the app and the program in the next few weeks.  However, if you would like to give it a test run, I have set up a photo hunt to expire Monday evening, November 16th at 11:59 PM, EST.  Download EVENTZEE on all three platforms, and create an account.  IF you already have a Munzee account, you can use the same log in.  To give Eventzee a test run, once you open the app, scan this QR code to get the clues for the test run.

DENapalooza Eventzee Test Run
DENapalooza Eventzee Test Run. Download Eventzee app, scan the code and give it a try. This test run expires Monday, 11/15/15 at 11:59 PM EST.

Starting Sunday, 11/15/15, I will be reviewing one location based game each week.  I will include items such as ease of use, youtube tutorials, educational component or potential, are lesson plans currently available online, platforms the game can be played, cost, accessible support, target audience (elementary, middle, high, college, family) and does the game have a local face to face community and/or online community.  Need something else added to the review, let me know!

If you have a location based game you would like to see as part of the review, please let me know.  It will get reviewed eventually!

Lesson plans that we develop will be added to my Goodle Drive folder which can be found at

Google Drive Location Based Gaming.  This folder will grow!
Google Drive Location Based Gaming. This folder will grow!

Stay tuned and get ready to explore!


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