Discombobulated Emotions

Right now, I am not exactly sure how I feel.  My emotions sort of feel like a large bowl of Brunswick Stew.  Everything is in there all at one time, jumbled up, mash, smashed and in pieces.

For the past fifteen years, I have served on the North Carolina Science Teachers Association in various capacities.  For the past three years, it has been in the presidency role: first vice president, then president and this past year, past president.  Tonight, I finished my term of office and have no further responsibilities.

Not sure how I feel.  I am relieved to be done with the position. At the same time, I feel not needed.  I feel having no goal.  It feels strange.

Next chapter in my professional leadership development starts now.  Where to go? What to do?

Only time will tell and I will embrace the journey as it unfolds.  Until then, I wait.


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