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“Coach, I can use your help.”

“Coach, I can use your help.”

Never in my life did I ever expect  to hear those words…….

At least not from the source.

Today was the last day of our 2015 tennis season.  I took two girls to the regional tournament.  During the coaches meeting, we voted on seeding the ladies.  I nominated one of my girls and she wound up #4.  The other #8.  I was pleased with the results.

When it was time for doubles, one of my colleague coaches had a team he really wanted to get placed #3 or #4.  We felt very much at a disadvantage because so many of the teams had a close knit grouping.  After other coaches spoke in favor of rival nominations, I felt it was time to help my colleague.  I spoke from my heart about his girls, the character and level of play they brought to the court. He won the vote at #4 for his doubles team.  “Thank you.  I really appreciate that.”

During the contest during the day, several colleagues came to watch my girls and offered advice to help them.  “Coach, I can use your help.  How do you do it?  How do you create a team like you have?”  This coach has girls that go to the singles state tournament every single year.  This really confused me.  I asked him to explain.

“I have 9 girls that play on a team.  You have one team with 10 girls on it” was his reply.  “Your girls support each other on and off the court.  How do you get them to do that?”

This is the third time this year I have heard from coaches about the character of the team.  But not the last.  During my #1’s contest, a player from one of the ‘country club’ schools (as I call them) said, “I really would like to play her. She is so nice.  It would be fun to play her.”

My girls continue to bless me on and off the court.  No, we did not win and advance to the state playoffs. But, my girls won something more valuable: respect of rivals and a place in my heart forever.  Love you girls.  Thank you.


Can I Be Your Daughter?

overflowing bucket

“Mr. Case, do you have any girls?”

The kids that hang out in my room before and after school ask the most random questions at the most random times.  Yup, today was one of them.

“No, I have only boys, but I have a daughter in law and a fiancé in law.  I do have a grandson I get to hang with.  I haven’t met my granddaughter yet.  Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering….”  Off they went.  About 10 minutes later, three girls all came back.  “Mr. Case, can we be your daughters?”  {heart starts to melt, pools in my eyes….}  How do you even answer that?

“Ok girls, what’s up?”  “Well,” one says, “we thought you would like some daughters.  You already are like a dad to us.”  “Yea,” a second one pipes in, “you feed us all the time!”  “You always have good ideas how we can do our projects and have the coolest gadgets we can play with.” We chat and laugh (and I give them something to eat), the girls are happy and scamper off to class.

I really needed that today.  It’s been a very rough year for me.  Some drastic changes in my church music program have left me almost depressed.  Heck, I’ll say it, yea, depressed.  For years, this was the way I filled my bucket.  Singing on the praise team and leading worship was filling my emotional bucket.   The change in July left me without the way to fill the bucket.  A month ago, I was so drained, my bucket was bone dry.

I went back after a break from choir to let the emotional wounds heal, but it’s not the same. I’m singing and praising the Lord, but my emotional bucket isn’t getting filled.  It’s sort of maintaining, but not filling.

School has been rough.  Oh, the kids are not bad, but very, very needy.  Overcrowded classes, not enough room to do labs, and kids that don’t understand the value of learning and the list goes on.  Mostly, the kids are dipping into my bucket faster than I can fill.

The ladies’ tennis team has been helping so much. These fantastic ladies are giving me so much love and allow me to serve them the best I can. They need a real tennis coach but I’m all they have and they let me work with them.  They fill my bucket a little more every day.

“Mr. Case” girl #3 peeks around the door.. “If I had a dad around, I’d like him to be like you” and she leaves.

My bucket can’t hold it. It’s over flowing.

As The Thunder Rolls

Sitting listening to the rain patter against the window, the wind howl through the trees, watch the lightning flash as the thunder rolls.

Wind blows against the shudders, breaking them loose, leaves fall from the trees, flowers lose blooms as the thunder rolls.

The storm is worse, wind screams through the doorway and around the windows and rain moves in sideways as the thunder rolls.

Time for shelter, time to leave for safety.  Take the family, hope for the best all while the thunder rolls.

It’s unfamiliar here.  Not the same pictures on the walls, the bed feels different and the familiar smells of home are missing as the thunder rolls.

The worst seems to have past. Light rain, a mist, a fog and sometimes a breeze as the thunder rolls.

Home doesn’t look the same.  A window is cracked, few shingles are missing and a mess in the yard as the thunder rolls.

Fixing it up, moving a few things.  New picture here, little paint there, making it home again as the thunder rolls.

Home will never be exactly the same, but the foundation is firm.  New looks, new memories, ready for next time

As the thunder rolls.