They Are Calling Me Coach Casey

Today, we had our school teacher meet and greet for parents.  Unfortunately, we had a home tennis match and I had to be outside.  So….. I put a sign on my classroom door and told parents to come the tennis court if they would like to meet.

Several parents came by to visit and got phone numbers, email address and support!  Then, I heard someone say, “Mom, here’s someone I want you to meet.  This is Coach Casey.  He has the coolest things in his class. He can make you hair stand on end. You should see him light up a light bulb when it is not plugged into the socket!  He has this thing that keeps moving and moving and moving. It never stops.  He’s got this bike tire that when you spin it, and try to turn, it turns you the opposite way no matter how hard you try to turn.  He can even make things float in the air!  I gotta take his class, Mom!”

To be honest, I don’t know this kid!  I’ve seen him in the halls and he’s come in with other students when they show off the things we learned that day.  “Hi Mom, nice to meet you. Name is Mr. Case, or Coach is fine.   Those are just simple science tricks that demonstrate the world of physics.  Glad he’s enjoying them and learning even though he’s not in my class.”  After a bit of nice pleasantries, mom and student took off.

“Coach,” I hear near me, “that was pretty cool” said one of the players.  “All the kids call you Coach Casey.  It’s pretty cool.”


2 thoughts on “They Are Calling Me Coach Casey

  1. No surprise they started calling you Coach Casey. Reminds me “there’s no joy in mudville” and then they find lots of joy with you. I’m sure you fill a special place with many a student.

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