Fruitcake Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

I met my best friend in college in August 1982.  For a Christmas joke, I gave him a fruitcake in a tin and a card.   Next Christmas, he gave me the SAME EXACT fruitcake and the SAME EXACT card, but signed it, “Marty, 1983.”  He kept it all year and gave it back!  I put it away and gave it back to him next Christmas and signed the card, “Mark, 1984”.  We kept that tradition going year after year, the SAME EXACT card and fruitcake.

Marty was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 1999.  My family spent Y2K with him and decided to see if the 18 year old fruitcake was edible.  We opened the pack, took a very small nibble and, yup!  It was fruitcake and still edible.

Marty passed away in 2000 and we had the fruitcake cremated with his body.  If Marty had survived, we would have kept that fruitcake going today.


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