It’s Not Sneakers, It’s The Kid IN The Sneakers That Matters

I believe I have done my job.

I started the year with a quote I heard someone say.  “It’s not the sneakers, it’s the kid IN the sneakers that matters.”  I don’t remember who said it but it stuck with me.  I have tried to tailor my entire school year around that quote.  I even hung it on the front of my class, not for the kids, but for me to remember.

I have prepared my students to the best of my ability. I have given them some tough assignments. Tough tests. Tough assessments. Tough projects. While everything was tough, I have made them current and relevant to their career paths and daily living.

Sometimes it really hurts. I think I care more about their education than they do. So many of them are right on the edge of passing and failing, and they don’t care. They have failed so many subjects, that this is just another one and it really doesn’t matter. It hurts.

However, one of my REALLLLLLY tough customers (oh, students) has worked to bring his grade from a 48 average to a 71. He was so excited today when I showed him his grade. On the way out of class, he yelled, “Case, watch me knock that state test out!” That really helped. I was so discouraged today until that.

Lord, please open these kid’s eyes. Let them see success.

Oh, yea: tough kid wears hand-me-downs.


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