Ecological Footprint

Today students took the Personal Ecological Footprint survey from the Institute for Sustainable Energy

As the students took the survey, I heard around the room, “I have 600 points here alone!” and “This can’t be right!”  They were shocked at how their daily activities have a global impact.  When they were done with the survey, we disc used how they can reduce their global impact. They were placed in groups of 3 and had to decide on three things from the survey they could do to reduce their scores.

When they were done, they combined their scores, subtracted what changes they made and reported on the impact difference.

Three simple things from each group resulted in an average of 12% point reduction!

Finally, each group had to produce posters to hang around school as conversation starters “Three Things I Can Do To Reduce My Ecological Footprint.”

Ecological Footprint ecological footprint poster 2 ecological footprint poster 3 ecological footprint poster 4 ecological footprint poster 5 ecological footprint poster 6 ecological footprint poster 7 ecological footprint poster 8 ecological footprint poster 9


Here is a summary of the posters.

Take less showers turn the heat down buy less new clothes more used clothes turn the heat down 4 degrees eat less meat use less electronics take less showers stop letting water run while brushing teeth buy less new shoes turn off the lights get rid used electronics create less garbage less waste recycle clothes lower heat repair broken objects buy more local foods eat less meat lower house temperature use less disposable items eat local grown avoid buying disposable items use low-flow showerheads turn off water while brushing my teeth use an energy-efficient refrigerator use rechargeable batteries use more CFL eat less meat every day turn off the lights and games when not in use don’t waste any food use rechargeable batteries reduce using things take shorter showers recycle batteries don’t let water run while brushing teeth buy less shoes torn off lights when not in use turn my heat down use less electronics reuse or recycle electronics reduce and reuse clothes charge batteries lower temperature in winter repair things eat locally grown food cut back on number of electronics avoid using disposable items drive less combine trips to the store buy more 2nd hand clothes carpool more turn off lights recycle instead of throwing away repair my car


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