It’s Not Illegal If You Don’t Get Caught? HUH?

To introduce speed, velocity and acceleration, I ask the students, “What kind of car do you want and why?”  I get a wide range of responses like “It’s hot!” and “Has the best sound system” and even “Everyone looks at it when you ride.”  I do expect some to reply “It screams,” and “Has the best pick up.”  It gives a good intro to talk about speed and acceleration.

Last fall, I asked why do you need a car that goes from 0 to 90 in 10 seconds?  Anything over 65 is illegal.  I never expected them to say, “It’s only illegal if you get caught.”  What?  Only if you get caught?  How did this philosophy get started?  How deep does this go?  What is acceptable if you don’t get caught? 

I just did not know how to address this issue.  I was just shocked.  I let it go.

I missed a chance to discuss what it means to have boundaries. I missed an opportunity for real education. 

When it happens again, I hope I am ready.




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