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What Does Energy Mean to You? Physical Science Class 2

In the last installment of this social media experiment, a physical science class was asked “What does energy mean to you?”  They replied in two words or less and their responses were recorded below.  Their responses were also turned into a word cloud to enhance their replies.  I will ask the same question in four weeks to chart their changes in replies.



Power movement power movement power power moving power power moving moving power force strength power strength power moving power moving movement power movement power moving power 


What Does Energy Mean To You Physical Science Class 1

Continuing the social experiment to discover what energy means to different groups, I asked a physical science class “What Does Energy Mean To You?”  They answered in 2 words or less.  We will ask the same question in 4 weeks to chart changes in their responses.  The word cloud below is a graphic representation of their responses.



Use~things to~breath to~live power movement power real~quick power to~charge power life power alive power power power power excited power excited power life power power power power

How can we conserve energy?

2013-11-14 11.50.39 2013-11-14 11.50.22 2013-11-14 11.50.50Last fall, one student took it upon herself to try and get students to conserve energy.  She then continued to grow this into a senior project by creating posters, holding table talks and even borrowing Kill-A-Watt meters for other kids to see how much energy they waste.

Here are the posters she hung around school!  Even though these were hung in October, they are still around the school reminding kids to not waste energy.

Responses from basketball game

Responses from basketball game

This is phase three of the social experiment to ask “What Does Energy Mean To You?” Two wipe off boards were set out at a home basketball game with the question written on top.

Over seventy five people replied. This graphic shows the most common replies in the largest letters. Expensive, phones, bills and cars lead the list.

What does energy mean to you? My facebook friends



This is phase 2 of the social experiment.  I want to find out how people in different energy.

I asked my friends on facebook “What does energy mean to you?”    I gave people three days to reply and here is their responses.  There is a remarkable difference between the 10 students at school and the facebook friend post.  Here is the list of responses.

motion life finite Matter’s interaction reaction Measured in Joules In~a~bottle (5 hour kind) Sun Wind Water Kids~at~bedtime Ability to change Exercise eat-right healthy~living My~two-year~old E=MC2 Healthy active living Energy=NO~kids! I~have~none sustainable renewable clean active Geritol motion spirit solar kinetic potential Einstein potential kinetic chemical nuclear sustainable clean solar wind movement 


What does energy mean to you?

What does energy mean to you?

I asked 10 students at random “What does energy mean to you? Respond with three words only.” Here is their reply. I put their replies in a tagxedo to emphasize their responses.

Power my phone
Electricity heat gas
Charge my phone
Electricity lights phone
Phone games TV
Phone power gas
Car phone power
Gas electricity lights
Gas heat oil
Power gas phones

I have A Dream

I have A Dream

I have to admit, 2013 was the first time I read the entire “I Have A Dream” speech by Martin Luther King. I have heard excerpts, listed to the speech and even watched it on recordings. But to take the time and actually read and digest the speech, line by line, this was the first. I finally realized, Dr. King was not talking to just the people at the March on Washington. He was talking to ME!

I have a dream that someday my students will stop seeing themselves as “black” or “white” or “Mexican” or other labels. I have a dream that my students will strive for excellence instead of settling for minimalism. I have a dream that my students will reach beyond dependence on a government system and work hard to make a change. I have a dream that my students will start dreaming of what can be instead of crying about what others have.